Don’t look for hidden meaning, don’t make it complicated, just enjoy this moment of beauty you see before your eyes.

This piece was created just for it’s beauty and nothing else.  Two gorgeous dancers, two beautiful pieces of music and two solo dances that caught everyone’s attention.  This was initially a live performance but we decided to record it on film in the gorgeous recital rooms in Glasgow’s City Halls.  We only filmed one of the solos, but who knows we may film the other at a later date.

Watch the dance film


Choreography: VDT dancers Karen Bennie (live & on film) and Joanne Garbutt (live)

Dancers: Karen Bennie (live & on film), Joanne Garbutt (live)

Composers: Ben Sollee (live & on film), Ingrid Michaelson (live)

Film Artist: Louise Mather

Photography: John Linton (live), Claire Thomson (film)



1st November St Peter The Apostle High School Theatre, Clydebank, Scotland

19th December Glasgow City Halls’ Recital Room, Glasgow, Scotland

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