Eclectic Peel – Wooden Box

Eclectic Peel was an exhibition which would celebrate the legendary life of John Peel.  We wanted to explore the relationship Peel had with his listeners and contemporaries, his friends. We found that John Peel was to many, so much more than the influential British DJ he is known to be, and that the bond he had with his fans and the mutual loyalty they had for each other was almost more important than the music.

Peel famously kept a box, filled with his favourite and most memorable records that he had accumulated throughout his life. This story was particularly poignant and resonated with us.

Everyone can relate to this. People keep boxes of memories, whether it’s a jewellery box full of trinkets, a shoe box of love letters, or a drawer filled with photographs, everyone has something. We wanted to create a piece that represented this, our own “box of memories” A physical box coupled with a dance performance film representing loyalty and nostalgia.

Watch the dance film


Choreography: Joan Beattie

Dancer: Joan Beattie

Textile Designer: Alan Moore (Ten30)

Composer: The Undertones

Film Artist: Louise Mather

Photography: Grant Alexander



4th – 12th December The Barras Courtyard, Glasgow, Scotland

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