Dance Classes

Funk Workout/Dance Workout (General)

This is an upbeat street dance based workout with body conditioning exercises included.   This class really gets the heart rate going and you’re guaranteed to feel amazing (and exhausted) afterwards. If you’re looking for fun and energetic dance routines as well as a dance class that keeps you fit then you must come along and join us. You work to your own ability and can make this class as challenging or easy as you want.  But remember the harder you work the fitter you’ll get! And don’t worry about remembering the dance routines as they are repeated weekly and Joan dances them with you.

Trainers/dance sneakers must be worn and comfortable clothing.  Bring a bottle of water, a towel and prepare to sweat!

Street Jazz (General)

This class has the grounded feel of street but with the added precision of Jazz.  The class will start with an aerobic warm up, followed by travelling across the floor to improve technique, coordination and motor skills, to then working on a set dance routine.  You will build on the routine week by week.  Trainers/dance sneakers must be worn and comfortable clothing.  Bring a bottle of water, knee pads if you have them and a towel and prepare to sweat!

Body Conditioning For The Dancer (General)

Would you like to improve your balance to perfect that double pirouette in ballet? May be you need to work on your flexibility to kick your legs a bit higher in jazz?  Or what about building up your strength to hold that freeze in street?   Using a range of fun (and challenging) exercises, this class will help tone, build strength, improve balance and flexibility. It’s a great workout and it’s the perfect partner to any other dance class you go to.  Bring water and wear comfy clothes.

Jazz (Improvers)

This class is for those who have some basic jazz technique skills and are looking to improve their technique and style.  It’s an upbeat, and fast paced class and really fun too.  As well as working on technique, the class involves stretching, travelling movements and a funky upbeat routine.  Bring water and wear comfy clothes, jazz shoes, sneakers or bare feet.

Commercial (Improvers)

Joan’s commercial class has a strong and sexy style with elements of street and jazz. Come along and imagine you’re one of the dancers on the latest and coolest music videos around.  Routines will be danced to current tunes, and not only will you learn how to strut your stuff,  but you’ll have great fun in class too! This class is for dancers who have some basic skills in dance and are looking to improve and develop those skills. Please bring water, knee pads if you have them and wear trainers or dance sneakers to dance in.

Street Dance (Improvers)

This class is full of style, great music and attitude. Over the weeks you’ll work on a routine which is filled with isolations, tutting, freezes, fancy footwork and impressive moves. This class is now at a level 2, which means it’s recommended for those with a basic level of skill in street dance.   Bring a bottle of water, knee pads if you have them and wear comfortable clothing and trainers.

Creative Movement (7-11yrs)

These classes are designed to encourage creativity, independent thinking and nurture individual expression in the children’s own movement.  By exploring movement through fun and playful movement activities we can help youngsters to build confidence, with benefits to academic, social, emotional and physical functioning. Creative Dance Classes will draw on your child’s natural abilities, encouraging their potential, inventiveness and physical confidence as their movement vocabulary develops.

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